About Me

Denise HiltonWHO My name is Denise Hilton. Spanning more years than I care to admit, I have gathered experience in many fields of graphic design. I particularly enjoy exploring creative options for brand identity, constructing architectural conceptual illustrations, and drawing graphic illustrations. I can present only a smattering of samples on this website. Take a look at my "galleries".

I have experience as an AutoCAD architectural and structural draftsperson as well. I like the discipline of architectural drafting. I really feel like I melt into a floor plan—take it apart and put it back together in my mind. Take a look at my Drafting website. I also love photography but have much to learn. I get a lucky shot every once in a while.

WHAT Branding, print advertising, collateral materials, direct mail, editorial design, packaging design, website design, and illustration.

HOW I work on a Mac Pro using mostly Adobe Suite—Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. I use Dreamweaver to produce websites and am able to do a lot of hand-coding to overcome the app's shortcomings.

WHERE & WHEN Formerly from the Bay Area in California, I now live on 80 acres in the middle of Missouri, with my husband and lots of critters, in the Central Time zone. I get up very early and go to bed early too. I am most creative and get more done before most people have hit the snooze button the first time—all without caffeine. I am fortunate to get to work from home through the miracle of modern technology.

WHY I like solving problems that encompass form and function. I help my clients present information in a clear manner and make it attract the eye. Life is art. It's all around us, and I believe we are all artists. I am fortunate to be able to pay the bills with it. Aside from my work, I find so many opportunities to design on a daily basis—remodeling, cooking, gardening, making a space more functional, and welding found-art sculpture.

WHY PICK ME? Quick turnaround. Cost-effective. Mundane or challenging—I'm game. If you would like more nuts & bolts, please download my Résume (pdf format).